Kujukushima manners

What is appropriate behavior for Saikai National Park Kujukushima ?

The behavior we want people to observe in the Kujukushima area is intended to protect Kujukushima’s natural beauty and protect it for the future.

In order to enable as many people as possible to understand this, we have prepared a Kujukushima Manners Guide. Please use this guide book for Kujukushima at all times.

Kujukushima Manners Guide


Kujukushima Manners Guide (Popular Edition)

PDF 20 pages / 6.5MB


Kujukushima Manners Guide by Purpose

Kujukushima is a "special area" where various activities are regulated for the protection and use of nature based on the Natural Parks Act. (Excluding Kuroshima)

For those who enjoy marine sports such as sea kayaking and SUP

In recent years, the number of marine accidents has increased with the increasing popularity of SUPs.

What you should pay particular attention to when sea kayaking


Be sure to wear a life jacket


Be sure to put on the Paddler's flag
Free rental at the Kujujima Visitor Center.


Let's sail along the island


Let's secure a means of contact such as a mobile phone

What I want you to pay particular attention to in SUP


Re-board as soon as you fall off the board


Avoid sailing in places with heavy ship traffic

Other notes

  • Check the weather in advance and do not overdo it in bad weather.
  • Never approach a large tour boat
  • Keep away from farming rafts and fishing gimmicks
  • For navigation on Kujukushima, please confirm a safe crossing route in advance.
  • Let's wear the equipment and clothes necessary to enjoy kayaking and SUP safely
  • Be careful not to overspeed your personal watercraft, and drive slowly near Kashimae Port.
Useful content

To those who land on the island

At Kujukushima, the Saikai National Park, you can observe rare creatures and enjoy the outdoors in the great outdoors, but there are important rules for preserving rare nature and ecosystems.

Manners at the time of landing


Let's stop the bonfire with an open flame


Be sure to take your trash home


Do not take or step on animals and plants to preserve the island's ecosystem


Pets are prohibited from landing to preserve the island's ecosystem

Unexpected Q & A

Q.Is it always free to enter the interior of the island?
A.Landing inside the island requires the owner's permission.
OK if it is in the intertidal zone
Q.Can pets land on the island?
A.Pets are not allowed to land. (To prevent pet trolls)

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Use of Kujukushima

○Areas you can visit.

All islands are private even if they are uninhabited, therefore it isn’t possible to make landfall without the owner’s permission. The only areas that can be used without permission are the intertidal zone and the ocean (on the surface and underwater).